Les Mar Fashion group

About us

Les Mar is a fast growing, no nonsense fashion distributor, where honesty is the key to succes.

Les Mar was founded in 2002 by Cristian Filgueiras and Leonie Lesquillier. They decided to combine their mutual passion for fashion and entrepreneurship with their winning characteristics as perseverance, enthusiasm and self-confidence. A winning team was born. Our mission is to perform with innovative brands, and serve optimally our customers in Benelux.

We are Brand-Builders

Marketing & PR

Lesmar believes that no brand has the right to exist without marketing & PR. With over 16 years experience we can call ourselves a brand-builder. From our head office we are responsible for all (online) marketing. The Modefabriek and CAST are the most important fashion fairs in the Netherlands. Lesmar is always present to show the brands to our customers and it is also a great opportunity for us to build lasting relationships with our customers and prospects

We are International


Our mission is to perform with innovative brands. And serve optimally our customers in Benelux.

We sell dreams


After more than 10 years being active as a fashion retailer, we have built a long track record. Our customers are often from the first hour. We are known as a reliable and professional partner. We are always willing to give and provide our customers the best possible service. The carefully chosen selection of sales includes boutiques sport shops, department stores, chain stores and Multi brand stores.

Next to the sales department, we are very active in after-sales with a back office team. We also provide marketing & pr support to our customers. All these activities take place at our head office in The Netherlands.

We like to show


From two showrooms across the Netherlands we present our collections. In The Netherlands is our showrooms located in our beautiful, modern headquarters in Leiden and in the renowned shoe center of the Netherlands: CAST. We operate from our showroom for an optimal service to a carefully chosen customer base.



Les Mar Fashion Group BV
Nieuwenhuizenweg 13a
2314 XP Leiden

Tel: +31 (0)71 512 56 78
Email: info@lesmar.nl



C.A.S.T. (Showroom 241)
Buizerdlaan 6
3435 SB Nieuwegein

Tel: +31 (0)6 1027 2060
Email: info@lesmar.nl