Les Mar was founded in 2002 by Cristian Filgueiras and Leonie Lesquillier.

They decided to combine their mutual passion for fashion and entrepreneurship with their winning characteristics as perseverance, enthusiasm and self-confidence.

A winning team was born.

Our mission is to perform with innovative brands, and serve optimally our customers in Benelux and Mexico.


Apart from pretty prints and textures, Amazonas is concerned with its performance in other areas too. For several years now we have been transforming left-over rubber into sandals with innovative designs and powerful concepts.

About 300 million kg of rubber have already been recycled by the Amazonas Group, preventing the dump of industrial waste in the environment

Apart from our frequent references to a rich and simply unbelievable “bio-brazil”, we adore printing our products with natural beautiesand ornamenting them in honor of cultures from all over the world. We love to experience different customs and to feel the climate of every part of the planet.

Our collections are also inspired by the lifestyle of Amazonas consumers, which almost always means that we create veritable odes to summer. Glorifying the relationship between man and nature and exploring the sustainable universe, while still keeping alive the spark that moves the world: the desire for freedom.

From raw materials to creative concepts: the Amazonas universe makes sense as a network and it is designed to be collaborative, innovative and refreshing when we make the connection with you. It is an essential part of our nature to cultivate the swapping of experiences, collaboration and diversity.


The way Nobrand walks confidently its own way rather than trying to walk anyone else’s path seems to be one of the reasons that might explain the escalating success of the brand creative collective.

Or should we say, “Nobrand has opened the way for you to walk through like no one else”? Born in 1988, the brand became famous for its timeless efforts in redefining technology and for giving a cutting edge to the traditional Portuguese shoe styling, a concept that is now becoming international.


Having the capacity of permanently reinventing the classics is probably one of the most important Nobrand’s characteristics. It’s not about catching up with the fashion trends anymore, but making the trends to catch up with Nobrand’s sense of evolution.

By having a foot in the past and another foot in the future, Nobrand keeps creating the new by never underestimating the old. Unique shoes from Portugal, handmade with love and care. And tons of attitude.

A fresh and modern take on a turn of the century classic. These shoes were once worn by Mediterranean Fishermen, farm workers and renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

We have redesigned this heritage shoe with the same spirit in mind, vanguard, elegant and summery.

These handcrafted treasures are made in the same factory using the same molds and by the same expert shoemakers that have been making them for decades.

For people who care about the little details. We want you to enjoy these shoes as much as we are enjoying bringing them back to you.

One last thing, the more you use and wash your The Rice Co shoes, the cooler they look.

The Rice Co., a familiar company with a claim: authenticity

The Spanish brand The White Brand was created by a group of creative designers in the Fashion Footwear world.
The endresult is the trend of the moment: the slippers that come directly from the dressing rooms and gyms, reach the best international glossy magazines, blogs, and the feet of the fashion addicts!

A tasteful and colorful design with a retro glamour touch of the 70and 80’s brings a new, super cool and easy chic look to the comfortable and familiar slippers.

For the beach or for a walk in the city, coupled with a hipster or more classic style,
is The White Brand already very popular in: Portugal, Spain, Italy and the UK.
The White Brand will also conquer the heart of the fashion addicts in the Benelux at summer 2017!!