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We are about open mindedness, confidence, character, diligence, and style. All the things a Twelvesons customer represent. We also strive to reflect this through our products and engagement with our audience.

Fashion means different things to different people. We believe that fashion is an expression of yourself in art form and as you showcase your art through the clothes and shoes you wear, you are adding a unique magic to the world only you can curate. We just help you along the process by giving you the tools to shine.

It is from this simple statement that the French Kick brand is born. French Kick unpretentiously uses the basics of street culture by offering visual and graphic items, combining pop culture imagery with colourful illustrations. French Kick represents the” kick in the ass” in an otherwise too serious fashion business.

We – The people behind the brand & those of us who wear it – we are all about PLUS D’AMOUR – We don’t care about norms and question the status quo. We don’t believe in the negative but focus on the positive. We want to change things for the better and gently make fun of everything and everyone, starting with ourselves.

We spread a message of derision and gentle self-mockery, slightly provocative but never mean, all of this whilst bringing a sense of glamour and freshness. French Kick is about being original – it is about being yourself – It is about PLUS D’AMOUR – If you are not already part of it – come join the movement!

Musse and Cloud, soak up the Beat Generation philosophy -those who didnt yield to what was settled- is made up of the halo of ilusion and sensitivity, making it a unique and humanized brand.

Each product is designed with an extra of imagination and is meant to reflect the energy, strength and the fighting spirit and passion of our idols; Jack Kerouac and company.

She has lived and lives surrounded by the stories of those young pioneers, ambassadors of liberty, who left to us loads of remembrance adventures, feeling and dreams achieved converted into a single reality: this burning present.

Musse and Cloud meets design, attention to detail and sensitivity for every beautiful thing. Due to that magic, that spirit and passion bornw to give life to a philosophy that appreciates life in its fullness.

Designed by curious minds

Constantly feeding their minds. Nothing, feeling and learning from each stop in our path.

Inspired by Beat Generation

Those who look at the world with its own perspective, with attention and curiosity about everything around.. . those who appreciate, with no prejudice,the real beauty.

Focused on a healthy environment

We love nature; rocky mountains, huge grass fields, wild rivers… we love to live taking care of all these places.

In the early 1990’s, almost ten years before Naomi Klein’s hit, No Logo, the Maison Rautureau is also fighting the brand bullies. But in an unusual, smart and quirky way. On the basis of a simple fact, No Name is making the sneaker planet lose its mind. Here, the brand doesn’t take precedence. Only the product is important. The No Name sneaker and its platform, often imitated but never matched, make women gain 5 centimeters high and even more allure.

Quickly, the Plato Sneaker became a hymn for all those claiming to be part of the Cool’s democracy. Twenty years later, No Name is as young as ever. Better: the sneaker keeps a head start and stay above its competitors, unable to compete with this condensed of sobriety. Less is more et bien plus encore in No Name.

Revisit the 90’s, No Name is your passport.

Pump up the jam !

The Spanish brand The White Brand was created by a group of creative designers in the Fashion Footwear world.
The endresult is the trend of the moment: the slippers that come directly from the dressing rooms and gyms, reach the best international glossy magazines, blogs, and the feet of the fashion addicts!

A tasteful and colorful design with a retro glamour touch of the 70and 80’s brings a new, super cool and easy chic look to the comfortable and familiar slippers.

For the beach or for a walk in the city, coupled with a hipster or more classic style,
is The White Brand already very popular in: Portugal, Spain, Italy and the UK.
The White Brand will also conquer the heart of the fashion addicts in the Benelux at summer 2017!!