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Les Mar is a fast growing, no nonsense fashion distributor, where honesty is the key to succes.

Les Mar was founded in 2002 by Cristian Filgueiras and Leonie Lesquillier. They decided to combine their mutual passion for fashion and entrepreneurship with their winning characteristics as perseverance, enthusiasm and self-confidence. A winning team was born. Our mission is to perform with innovative brands, and serve optimally our customers in Benelux.

Twelvesons was born to give people an opportunity to express themselves through fashion, we wanted to let people feel free and creative in their own skin.

We love aesthetically pleasing combinations. We believe footwear can completely renew any outfit, thats why we feel its important to stand out the right way, make people stop and stare and ask ‘what are those on your feet?’

The Spanish brand The White Brand was created by a group of creative designers in the Fashion Footwear world.

The endresult is the trend of the moment: the slippers that come directly from the dressing rooms and gyms, reach the best international glossy magazines, blogs, and the feet of the fashion addicts!


It is not because you have no name that no one remembers you, it is for what you represent that people remember.

Revisit the 90’s, No Name is your passport. Pump up the jam !


Cozy & rustic shoes made of Leather. A mediterranaen
brand made in Spain


We’re French Kick
and We Feel Good Today!



Les Mar Fashion Group BV
Nieuwenhuizenweg 13a
2314 XP Leiden

Tel: +31 (0)71 512 56 78
Email: info@lesmar.nl



C.A.S.T. (Showroom 241)
Buizerdlaan 6
3435 SB Nieuwegein

Tel: +31 (0)6 1027 2060
Email: info@lesmar.nl